Launch Site Ariane4/Ariane5 from above
Centre Technique from the road
Entrance of Centre Technique
Space Museum with Maquette of Ariane5
Maquette (Dummy) Ariane5
Renate under the "Moteur Vulcain"
Inside Centre Technique
Launch Complex Ariane4 ELA2
Ariane 4 ready for Launch
ELA2 and ELA3 Office Building
ELA3 Office Building with Flags of the Nations
In Front of the Office Building
BAF (final assembly Building) under Construction
BIL in Function, in the Background the Booster Dummies
Begin of Campagne "Battleship"
Motorbeam in the Launcher Integration Building
Upper Part of the Engine Vulcain
Motor Assembly with Liquid Helium Balloon
Motor- and Hydraulicassembly
Motor Test Team
Motor Assembly with Tank on the Way to the Test
Motor Test in the Launch Zone
Motor Test from Inside with Watertubes
End of "Campagne Battleship"
The Booster Dummies
Track from the Booster Factory to the Assembly Building
Campagne "M", Transfert of the EPC (Etage Principal Cryogenic)
Transfert from BIL (Batiment Integration Lanceur) to BAF
Before Entering BAF (Batiment Assemblage Final)
From left: BAF, BIL and Office Building
Attachment of the EPC in BAF
Testing in ZL (Zone de Lancement)
Also at Night
Final Photo after Campagne "M" (Maturisation)
Begin of the Final Assembly
Motor Beam from Inside
Assembly of the Motor Beam
Integration of the Main Valve
Motor Beam with Engine and Exhaust Nozzle
Final Assembly of the "real" Boosters
EPC with Boosters in ZL
Integration of the Satellite Cap
Employees, watching exit from BAF
Ariane 5 - Assembly
Many Coworkers watch the Transfert
Short before Entering ZL
Last Photo of the Ariane 5 with all Coworkers
Launch of Ariane 5
All seemes to be normal
Explosion of the Ariane 5 Maiden Flight
Glowing Pieces of the Boosters -
- descending on the Test Area