Beach in Boracay Diniwid-Beach with houses of rich people Diniwid-Beach
White Beach in Boracay White Beach in Boracay Renate in front of Willys Beach
me in front of Willys Hotel Willys Beach and Willys Hotel Sellers on the Beach
Willy's Beach Resort Willy's Rock at sundawn Ati Atihan in Boracay
Kingdom-Hall in Boracay Philippine wedding in Kingdom-Hall Flower-Girls
Philipp and Eunice on the Way to Boracay
With Philipp on the Beach
Visiting Ron our American Friend
Our Cottage in Laguna de Boracay
Mahlon and Family Macero visits us
The Pool of our Resort
Outside the Resort are the Boats
We make a Diving-Tour
Eunice on the Promenade
A Sailingboat is leaving
White Beach with the colorful Sailingboats
Ati Atihan in Kalibo Ati Atihan in Kalibo Ati Atihan in Kalibo