John F Kennedy Airport
Leaving JFK-Airport by Helicopter
Over the "East-River"
The "Empire State Building"
Looking from 86. Level to the South, WTC-Tours are still standing 1990
Looking to the North to the "Crysler-Building"
Looking from the 102. Level
The "World Trade Center" from below
"Brooklyn-Bridge" and "Manhattan-Bridge"
The "Bethel" in "Brooklyn"
The "Entrance-Hall"
A guided Tour, Here the Pictures from our Magazines
Part of the Printing Shop
The Laundry
Merited Brothers
The complete Watchtower-Library
The Tape-Factory
A German Brother was looking for Accomodation for me
Nick, my Host, offering Photos with his Parrot
I bought 1 for 5 Dollars
At the Corner to the "Broadway"
Going back to "Toronto"
Going Home