The Fiji-Islands, "Viti-Levu", "Vanua-Levu" and "Taveuni"
Arriving in Nadi, the "International Airport"
Buying "Kawa-Roots" for Present
The Beach of Nadi
Fijian Men with traditional Skirts, singing for Tourists
Going to Suva, the Capital
A Guard in Front of the Governor's Palace
View from my Hotel
Waiting for the Bus
, which bring me to the Fijian Cultural Center
A Tourist-Boat
The Drums call for the Beginning of the Firewalking-Ceremony
The Singers lead us to the Place
Heating up the Stones
The Priests are coming to the Place
The "Highpriest" is testing the Temperature
The other "Priests" are walking upon the hot Stones
Bookstudy in Suva
The Bethel of Suva
The Bethel-Family invites me for Dinner
Br. Ishua Vacambua
2 Brothers speak an Address on my Tape
"Indian" Brothers with straight Hair, about 50 % of the Population of Fiji
In the "Fijian" Museum
The Rest of the "original" Bounty, which was burnt on the Island/ Remember "Mutiny on the Bounty"
Going to Labasa in Vanua Levu
On my Journeys I have always Balloons for the Kids with me
My Arrival was announced by the Bethel, so a Brother picked me up
I was Guest in the House of "Brother Bukasasa", one of the first elders in Fiji
Amitai Bukasasa is prepairing the Kawa-Roots (my Present) for the Kawa-Ceremony
Brothers, prepairing the Kawa-Drink
The Kawa-Ceremony, where the Coconut Bowl is passing from one to another after the group is clapping the Hands every time
Its my Turn. The Procedure took 2 Hours
Meanwhile Brother Bukasasa arrived
His Daughters wanted to make a Photo with me, what I shall send them in a Letter for each after my Return (what I did of course!)
My next Stop was in "SavuSavu" in Vanua Levu
The poorest Kingdom Hall, I ever saw
But the Elder looked like a Dressman in his "Kilt"
After the Meeting I was invited to "Barbecue"
Going to "Taveuni"
Martha and Kesaia, the 2 Special Pioneers conducting the Congregation, consisting only of 7 Sisters
Having our CBS
Taking the Meal on the Floor is Tradition in Fiji
Finally a comfortable Hotel for me after so many weeks
The Sisters brought me to the 180° Meridian, the Date Line. 1 Leg in "Today", the other in "Tomorrow"
An "Interested" Boy is showing me the "Waterslides of Taveuni"
For not disgracing myself, I risked it also
A "Coat" from Water
Going back to Nadi