Lets go to Cebu-City
This is the Ship-Factory in Buanoy
Lets take the Break for Suntan
We are soon in Cebu-City
Lets take a last Photo
I will hide your Belly, Kuya
Oh, are you heavy
I love you, Kuya
We like to be in SM Cebu-City
I hug you tight
Lets rub our Cheek
We need Bread, Kuya
2 Pieces
Lets go to the Assembly
So many Brothers
Lena, Carren and Ding Ding above
Soon the Program begins
Carren, Ding Ding and Beth
Our Biblestudy is also here
The English Section
Beth and me in the English Section
I understand all
Congregation Balamban
With Ding Ding, Carren and Jorejan
Friends from Philipp and Eunice
The 3 Queens....
....eating Icecream
The Children of Congregation Balamban
Kuya, are you big!!
With Lena and my Babies
The Boys
Ding Ding is so light
You are heavy, so you must stand
Another Lightweight
Balamban-Kids on the Platform
With Philipp and Eunice.....
....and some Friends
A Festival in SM
Farewell in Waterfront Hotel
Bye Bye Kuya